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Friday, April 5, 2013 **HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELUCKY2 **
Issue # 12.4.3 "Crazy Tourney, SportsNation Style"
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Can The Rat Pack secure 1st Saturday?

CERRITOS, CA (smt)- Despite just one #1 seed in the Final Four and a #9 seed, all four teams have won at least 30 games this season.  With darling Gonzaga losing in the 3rd round, trendy East picks Miami & Indiana falling in the Sweet 16, and Blue Bloods Duke and Kansas losing in the Elite 8, the overall #1 seed Louisville finds itself surrounded by a couple of mid-tier Big 10 and Big East teams and a team from the Missouri Valley Conference.  17 lower seeds have beaten their higher seeded opponents maybe giving Wichita St, Michigan, or Syracuse hope off knocking off the Cards.

Steve N (The Rat Pack) is guaranteed 2nd but has a chance to wrap up the 19th HWCI NCAA Pool title with a Louisville-Michigan final.  It will be his first time winning money in the pool.  Blakeley H (Bwakewey Cubed) is guaranteed 3rd (to join his $40 bonus he won in '11) and interestingly, both wins have come with his 3rd entry (no other person has ever won with his/her 3rd entry).  Kevin T (Shake N' Bake) is guaranteed at least 6th (to join his $40 bonus he won in '09).  Seven others will be trying to win the other 3 money spots as well as up to 50 entries trying to win the $40 Bonus.  Good luck to all.

To try to put some of this crazy tournament in perspective, here are some Q's in the spirit of SportsNation, a show that is quirky enough to enjoy.  And Clarissa Thompson is the ultimate quirky and a joy to watch.  One day I'll even watch a live show!

WORST LEGEND - DARLING ZAGS OR PAC-12 DEMISE?  So for some reason, people (including me) think Gonzaga is this team that goes far in the tourney when no one expects them to.  As a #1 seed, this seemed like a perfect opportunity for them to go far.  But they haven't been to an Elite 8 since their famous '99 run and now has lost 3 times as a #1, #2, or #3 seed in the 2nd round (now called 3rd).  Or is the legend of the Pac-12 being a horrible conference the worst legend.  The Pac-12's two #12 seeds both won (with Oregon & Arizona making the Sweet 16). 

WORST SHOOTING - GOLDEN EAGLE OR BALD EAGLE?  The Marquette Golden Eagles scored just 39 points and shot just 12 of 53 (22.6%) in their Elite 8 game.  Awful.  Or was it our symbol of the bald eagle, the President of the United States, shooting 2 of 22 (9.1%) in an Easter photo-op.

WORST COLLAPSE - WILDCAT SCAT OR JAYHAWK BALK?  Could a team that hit most of its free throws down the stretch still blow a 6-point lead with a minute left in regulation?  Yup.  When Marquette can hit 3 straight 3-pointers beating Davidson.  Or was the worst collapse that a #1 seed just blow a 10-point lead with less than 3 minutes left, then take ill-advised and unnecessary 3-pointers at the end of regulation and overtime?  Yup. When Michigan shocking Kansas in OT.

WORST FALL FROM GRACE - GEORGETOWN DOWNED OR BRUIN RUIN? The Mighty Hoyas not only got beat by a #15 seed, self-proclaimed Dunk City no less, it was the fifth straight time G'town lost to a team seeded 5 or more below them.  Or is the worst fall from grace our beloved UCLA Bruins.  Who no one had faith in even as a #6 seed that even Vegas thought #11 Minnesota would win.  And to add insult to injury, not only did UCLA fire their coach that had taken them to 3 straight Final Fours five years ago, they failed to land Butler's or VCU's head coach, and instead landed boring New Mexico's head coach, the one who just lost to Harvard and then reneged on a 10-year deal with NM.  And to add salt to the insult, their rival USC snagged the hot coach with the hot wife that has excited the team.

WORST FALL FROM THE TOP - MACIE'S MOM OR JASON97782-1 & -2? 3 days in and Macie's Mom was in 1st place but the next day, she had a 2-6 to fall out and eventually eliminated.  Or is it Jason R who had his Jason97782-1 and Jason97782-2 both with at least a 40% chance to win money halfway into the Elite 8 and both being eliminated after.

BEST CRAZY PICK - FGC IN SWEET 16 OR MICHIGAN/SYRACUSE WINNING IT ALL?  Deven K's kid (KobeIsEpic1) not only was the only one to pick Dunk City, aka, Florida Gulf Coast, to beat Georgetown, but also picked them correctly to make the Sweet 16.  Or is it Michael C (Chi-Town Mikey's) the only one picking Syracuse as his champ or Kevin J (Cliff Paul) the only one picking Michigan to win it all.  It's still premature, of course, but at least both now have a chance to win the pool.

I miss Colin Cowherd on SportsNation but I don't miss his picks...


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